Who Invented Ice Cream ?
Facts on ice cream on Martha's Vineyard

Who invented ice cream ? Surprisingly, there is debate over who the first "inventor" was and if it was ice cream or slush or a sno-cone.

ice cream cone

There are stories that Nero and the ancient Chinese enjoyed an "ice cream like substance"...but it was likely a flavored crushed ice treat...not the creamy ice cream we love today.

Charles I, in England, probably had the first dessert that is closest to the ice cream we know today. The dessert was made by his chef and...

the ingredients of ice cream

for the King were "top secret".

Following the demise of the King, the secret was let loose and royalty in Europe soon enjoyed a creamy ice treat.

In the early U.S. Colonies, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were known to enjoy ice cream. But, the availability was still very limited...the process for making it was not perfected yet.

In 1847, Nancy Johnson developed the first hand-crank ice cream maker.

In 1851, Jacob Fussell used icehouses and larger versions of the ice cream maker, to develop a process for mass producing ice cream. He started in Baltimore and soon spread to New York, Washington and Boston. So, some may feel this is the

inventor of ice cream

...but, obviously, there is room for debate.

Of course, nowadays, ice cream is available lots of places...yippee ! ... and there are plenty of ice cream shops on Martha's Vineyard...

Mad Martha's

ice cream stores...

Fun facts on ice cream...

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