What do Starfish Eat - Fun Facts About Starfish

facts about starfish

What do starfish eat ? Clams, Oysters, Fish ... yes, they are carnivores

Do they have a mouth ? Yes, they have an opening in the middle of their underside.

How do they eat ? Starfish will attach to clams and oysters. Then they use their powerful suction cups on their legs and open the shell of their prey. Finally, they push their stomach out through their mouth and up against the body of the clam or oyster and digest it.

Starfish Habitat

Starfish, or sea stars, are found in a variety of habitats from shallow to deep seas and they are bottom dwellers. They are typically found in sand, along rocky areas, and in estuaries below the low tide level.

Facts about Starfish

They are classified as Echinoderms, and have spiney skins and multiple legs.

Each of their legs has an "eye" at the tip which can sense variations in light and they are able to regrow legs !

Video of Stafish Eating

Where do Starfish Live

As described above for the starfish habitats, they are found in shallow as well as deep water and are generally among rocks or coral and always below the low tide level.

Here are our photos of the starfish habitat in a protected area near the boat docks in Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard.

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