Vineyard Haven - The Black Dog
and 2 bargain souvenir shops

Vineyard Haven may be the first town you visit if you arrive on Martha's Vineyard via the Steamship Authority ferry. The ferry brings happy vacationers and locals to the island many times each day.

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If you do arrive on the ferry, you'll see signs of the popular Black Dog tavern and bakery before you even set foot on land. There are large flags, bearing the familiar Black Dog logo, flying on tall ships in the harbor. The various Black Dog stores are fun to explore and you'll notice many New England folks have clothing bearing the company logo.

Of course there are many other fun shops to visit. You'll find many t-shirt, ice cream and souvenir shops within easy walking distance from the Steamship Authority terminal.

Two of the best bargain shops are within a block of the ferry:

  • The first, Neptune's Sea Chest, is almost directly across the street from where folks get off from the ferry. This shop has great deals on t-shirts, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets, fridge magnets, salt water taffy and other Martha's Vineyard souvenirs.

    Neptune's Sea Chest
    (508) 693-0316

  • The second shop, Sweats, is directly across from the Black Dog Bakery up on the second floor. They offer the same clothing and souvenir items.

    Sweats Outlet
    (508) 696-8808

  • These stores have great prices compared to some others up on the main shopping strip and are much less expensive than stores in Edgartown.

Fresh Seafood

- If you love fresh seafood, you have to visit The Net Result in Vineyard Haven. They say "Our fish are so fresh they'll make you blush!" and we've had great seafood there.

They have a big selection for take-out, including live lobsters and sushi, as well as a nice outdoor picnic area.

Ballroom Dance Steps

Vineyard Haven also offers dance classes and sessions for locals and visitors. This could be a fun "rainy day" activity or a chance to get some fun exercise during your visit. more info on ballroom dance steps

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