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printable kids activities Fun Printable Kids Activities including printable coloring sheets, word search puzzles, printable word games, printable crafts for kids and more...

If you are planning a vacation or are simply hanging out at home on a weekend morning, these activities can help entertain your kids. They also have the benefit of providing learning lessons while being "disguised" as games !

Many of these activities can be printed and brought on your trip and some can be played online if you bring your laptop with you.

Cut and Paste and Color

Color By Number

Connect the Dots

Maze Games

Printable Word Games

Explore some Printable Word Games

Printable Travel Games

Try some fun Printable Travel Games

Free Memory Games

Kids will love these free memory games featuring pictures of Martha's Vineyard and also fun kids items.

Some more Printable Kids Activities...

Coloring Pages To Print

Here are some kids coloring pages to print featuring seashells, mermaids, boats and more.

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Learn why I love the beach at Martha's Vineyard

Enjoy a slideshow of Martha's Vineyard pictures

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