Osprey Bird
One of Largest Bird of Prey
Osprey Festival on Martha's Vineyard

osprey birdThe osprey bird, also known as the fish hawk, is one of the largest bird of prey. They live near lakes, rivers, salt marshes and other bodies of water that can provide medium size fish.

Unfortunately, the osprey bird population declined significantly in the past century because of the pesticide DDT. Since DDT was banned in 1972, they have made a strong comeback.

Martha's Vineyard now has the second largest osprey population in New England and the annual Osprey Festival at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown celebrates the return of the birds from their winter migration to South America.

Osprey Festival at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary, along with volunteers and the electric company, has erected 135 nesting poles for the osprey and this has helped bring the island osprey population from just one pair in 1969 to the second largest osprey population in New England.

The festival is a great place to learn about osprey and it offers fun activities for kids. You can learn more about it in this article in the Martha's Vineyard Times

sunset scenery

Martha's Vineyard is a great destination for weekend getaways in New England.

Of course, many folks also choose to spend a week on the island and others simply visit for a day-trip from Cape Cod.

Family Beach Vacation

Here are some reasons the Vineyard is a prime choice for a family beach vacation

I Love the Beach

Beaches are relaxing, fun and great for family time. These reviews of the major Martha's Vineyard beaches show why I love the beach

Sunset Scenery

Some of the most beautiful sunsets are at the beach. Although the Vineyard is on the east coast, it's an island so it has the advantage of also having a west coast along which you can catch fabulous sunset scenery

Beach Weddings

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Cheap Honeymoons

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Martha's Vineyard Ferry

The Martha's Vineyard ferry is probably the most popular way to get to the Vineyard. Vacationers from all over come each year to the Vineyard to relax and unwind from their hectic schedules. From lawyers, doctors, Morningside Recovery volunteers and everyone in between; all are welcome to come and enjoy everything Martha's Vineyard has to offer.

Flights to Martha's Vineyard

Flying is another option for visiting. Here's info for flights to Martha's Vineyard.

Get Away From it All

Martha's Vineyard can be a great way to unwind and relax. The beaches and shops can offer a way to simply get away from it all, services much different from a rehab or treatment facility like Morningside Recovery will provide. But a place like Morningside Recovery can bring families together through activities and certain programs, something that is not unlike the Vineyard, which does the same thing every year and will continue to do for many, many years to come.

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