October Wedding Flowers
and Wedding Flowers Arrangements

There are many October wedding flowers to choose from. September and October are my favorite months, especially in New England.

The hot and humid days of August turn into warm, crisp days and of course the fall foliage is brilliant.

Matching the colors in the tree foliage, chrysanthemums offer a wide variety of striking colors. Mums can also be dyed if you would like to match a color theme of your wedding.

While mums may be the classic fall flower, you may also wish to consider hydrangea, lilies, gladiola and cosmos for flowers for Fall weddings.

October wedding flowers

Of course, these days greenhouse flowers are readily available so you are not limited to flowers that are naturally available in October. Roses, and just about any other type of flower you desire, can be obtained for October weddings.

Wedding Flowers Arrangements

If you are planning a Martha's Vineyard wedding, there are many high quality florists on the Vineyard that will assist you in your initial decisions and arrange spectacular flowers for your wedding day.

Here are some quality Martha's Vineyard florists:

Lynda Dandeneau Flowers

Donaroma's Nursery

Flowers in Paradise

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