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native american thunderbird

Explore the history of the Native American Thunderbird and other Native American Symbols. Read the legends, myths and stories about this enormous flying creature...

There are Native American Wampanoag Tribes in Aquinnah and Chappaquiddick on Martha's Vineyard. Although the Thunderbird is a larger part of legends and myths of the Pacific Northwest and Plains Indian Tribes, it is also a part of Northeastern Native American symbols.

These birds are generally described as having huge wingspans and as either arriving as thunder is booming, or as causing the booming thunder with their wings.

They are often seen as the top symbol on totem poles and frequently have large curved beaks and intimidating appearances.

There are numerous websites that discuss the existence of "giant thunderbirds". Some even talk of birds so large they are able to pick up small children.

The legends, stories and myths about Thunderbirds have been so popular Ford Motors named one of their car models the Thunderbird and the US Air Force has a flying squadron named the Thunderbirds.

Here is a link to a Pacific Northwest legend about the Thunderbird.

According to, the Thunderbird was an enormous bird with a "wingspan more than twice the length of a war canoe (approximately 20 feet)...Some cryptozoologists today compare thunderbirds to pterosaurs, giant birds of prey that roamed the skies 115 million years ago".

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