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Motorcycle tent trailers are amazing. They manage to provide quality sleeping space while still remaining light and streamlined for towing behind a motorcycle.

Many models have over 6 ft of head room and two 45" x 75" beds. Available options include attachments for storing coolers, queen extensions to add width to beds, lower level "basement" storage areas...and more.

Many people are very happy with the Aspen trailer models. Here are some testimonials about the quality of these pop up tent campers.

Details about the Aspen Ambassador, Aspen Classic, and Aspen Sentry can be seen on this page.

Lees-ure Lite tent trailers are also popular for camping. In addition to pop up campers, they provide motorcycle trailer hitches and a whole range of motorcycle accessories.

Lees-ure motorcyle trailers
testimonials for Lees-ure campers

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