Moshup Beach Martha's Vineyard Aquinnah - Gay Head Clay Cliffs

Moshup beach is on the western side of the Vineyard. It's about a 45 minute drive from Edgartown and slightly more from Oak Bluffs. This beach is at the base of the beautiful clay cliffs in Aquinnah (Gay Head) and has spectacular scenery.

moshup beach aquinnah

If you drive to this beach, there is a public parking lot that holds at least 50 cars so if you arrive in the morning you should be able to get a space. There are also public bathrooms but they are near the parking area which is about a 5-10 minute walk from the beach. A few small restaurants serve sandwhiches, burgers and similar food near the lookout area above the cliffs which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the beach.

Moshup beach is unique from other Vineyard beaches in that you can sit at the base of the clay cliffs and you'll likely see small stone towers built by previous visitors. These towers, like cairns, are about two to five feet high and are stacks of beach stones folks have carefully balanced in cool sculptures.

moshup cairns stone towers

If you like to walk on the beach, Moshup, with it's long stretches of beach and unique scenery, is perfect. You can walk north along the base of the clay cliffs and see views of the Aquinnah lighthouse above the cliffs. Along the way you'll see numerous stone towers and large boulders at the waters edge.

marthas vineyard aquinnah

The surf at Moshup can be heavy so swimming here is not as enjoyable or safe as it is at other Vineyard beaches. The State Beach in Oak Bluffs and the beach at Menemsha are two good beaches for calm surf and safer swimming.

marthas vineyard moshup beach

Moshup beach faces west so you can catch beautiful sunsets there. You could stay on the beach, or, walk up to the "lookout" area on top of the cliffs to watch the sun sink into the water. The area above the cliffs has food and drinks, some small tourist shops and a few of those old-style quarter operated observation binoculars.

moshup cairns stone towers

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