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merry go round Martha's Vineyard

Referring to the Flying Horses as a merry go round seems oddly insulting. This particular carousel has impressive history, classic style and a uniquely fun challenge for riders. Brought to the Vineyard in 1884, it is the nation's oldest operating platform carousel and a National Historic Landmark.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the challenge of trying to grab brass rings as riders glide around on the horses. Every rider has a chance to grab rings which are positioned about neck-high on metal arms extending towards the riders. Be the rider to grab the last ring and get a free ride !

TIP: At only $1.50 per ride, this is one of the best entertainment bargains on the Vineyard

While the carousel itself is plenty of entertainment, there are also video games and other mechanical rides and popcorn, slush and drinks in the same building. Not quite as advanced as Bigpoint space games, and not as dated as Space Invaders space games the arcade offers the opportunity to earn tickets for of the pinball machines may even be space games themed. It's definitely worth checking out on your trip!

The Flying Horses are located in the heart of Oak Bluffs and there are plenty of family restaurants, souvenir stores, and general sightseeing opportunities.

This is also a good rainy day activity. The carousel is inside and you could combine riding the horses with lunch or dinner at one the nearby restaurants.


oak bluffs flying horses

oak bluffs flying horses carousel

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