Mens Beach Wedding Attire
Stylish Beach Wedding Apparel for Guys

Mens beach wedding attire styles can vary much more than traditional wedding styles.

Since you have decided to have a beach wedding, you are likely less conservative than other brides and grooms. Ultimately, you will show your own personality in the beach wedding apparel you choose.

There are many choices...classy, linen white shirts...short-sleeve dress shirts...polo or golf shirts...flashy Hawaiian shirts.

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing beach wedding clothing
  • Comfort Beach wedding clothes should be comfortable. You've chosen to be outside, in the sand, near the water...there's no need to be in a penguin suit (tuxedo). The clothing can match the environment and be more relaxed...softer fabric...less snug
  • Fabric Forget about starched, button-up shirts...think cotton, linen, maybe silk ! You want the fabric to breathe and flex as you move around
  • Sun/Heat Keep the sun in mind when you think about colors for shirts or jackets. White shirts will be cooler because they do not absorb as much of the sun's heat as darker colors.
  • Fun Factor Have fun ! You're having a wedding on the beach. Even if you decide to wear tux's, plan to get them wet and sandy and roll up the trousers ! This is a chance to match the fun of the beach and wear a stylish Hawaiian shirt or a bold colored linen or golf shirt.

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