May Wedding Flowers
and Wedding Flowers Arrangements

May wedding flowersIn thinking about May wedding flowers, you may want to keep in mind that many flowers are in "transition" during May...some that are naturally available in March/April are fading out and others will be just "popping" in mid-late May.

You don't have to worry about a lack of flowers, because many are grown in greenhouses throughout the year.

But, if you're looking for flowers that are naturally available in May, there is a specific list.

Here's a list of flowers you could consider for your May wedding...hopefully there are some that you have not yet considered and that might make your special day a bit more unique !

Casa Blanca LilyDelphinium
PeonyBells of Ireland
Star Gazer LilySweetpea

Wedding Flowers Arrangements

If you are planning a Martha's Vineyard wedding, there are many high quality florists on the Vineyard that will assist you in your initial decisions and arrange spectacular flowers for your wedding day.

Here are some quality Martha's Vineyard florists:

Lynda Dandeneau Flowers

Donaroma's Nursery

Flowers in Paradise

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