Martha's Vineyard Map
Menemsha, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs...

A Martha's Vineyard Map will likely help you visualize the proximity of island towns to areas of interest as well as other towns.

Photo courtesy of jdkinzenbaw

While the Vineyard is not a huge island, it is large enough to make maps very helpful. Below you will find maps of the whole island, as well as maps of the Menemsha, Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, Chappaquiddick and Aquinnah areas.

We have highlighted some of the locations of interest, such as:

  • a great place for starfish hunting
  • the location of the gingerbread cottages
  • a place to jump off a bridge
  • the spectacular clay cliffs
  • the bridge renown for the Ted Kennedy incident
  • the Flying Horses

Hopefully you will have a chance to see these spots on your vacation to Martha's Vineyard.

Location of Oak Bluffs

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Location for finding live starfish
Near the boat docks in Menemsha Harbor

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Location of Gingerbread Cottages

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Location of Memorial Bridge - Jumping Spot

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Location of Clay Cliffs - Aquinnah

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