Martha's Vineyard Island and Oak Bluffs - Tales from A Personal Visit

Many folks visit Martha's Vineyard Island for a variety of reasons. The following story is provided from one of our visitors, Peter Lightbown from England:

Last year 2009 in July I was on business in Boston representing my university employer at a conference. We were really fortunate in that we arrived (2 colleagues and I) on the 3rd July so were in Boston for Independence Day and the visit of the ‘Tall Ships’.

After the conference my girlfriend flew out to Boston to join me for a holiday and we picked up a hire car and headed south.

There were many things we wanted to see but a priority for me was to visit Martha’s Vineyard for several reasons. One, I love the movie Jaws and wanted to see as many locations as possible, and also it’s very famous for the Kennedy connections and just being a great holiday destination.

We arrived at Falmouth for the boat trip to Martha's Vineyard Island via a couple of days in Mystic, a destination recommended by an American colleague and a beautiful town. Yes we had our picture taken under the Pizza sign!! Unfortunately no Julia Roberts.

So, to the ferry and a great trip across to MV, bright sunshine and we met a great old couple on holiday courtesy on the US airforce. Seems you have a great perk for ex-service personnel who can hop on available transport planes etc for free and they had travelled from the west coast.

We arrived at Martha's Vineyard Island at the town of Oaks Bluff, our chosen base if that counts when we only had a couple of days on the Vineyard, but boy were we going to make the most of it. We walked up from the ferry and crossed the magnificent Oceans Park and headed for the Pequot Hotel. We loved it at first sight. The rocking chairs on the veranda and beautiful building were just great as was the welcome. We got one of the last available rooms and although small it was perfectly formed and quaint. Each afternoon the hotel left out free cookies in reception. A small gesture but exactly what sets apart a competent hotel from a great one. Well done!

Oak Bluffs hotel

We took an island tour the next day to Vineyard Haven, Edgartown etc and houses of the rich and famous led by a very witty guide with a fantastically sarcastic sense of humour, very British and very funny.

On our return to the hotel we sat on the veranda with fresh tea and the famous cookies and got talking to a great couple from New Jersey who were at the Pequot for a couple of weeks with their kids having driven up from their home. We talked about all kinds of things from local taxes to the weather to how great the Pequot was. Funny, they were African American, us white English and yet we had the same concerns and frustrations and enjoyed the same simple pleasures e.g. the cookies and although we lived 3000 miles apart and had completely different backgrounds we weren’t that different in our hopes and aspirations.

Oak Bluffs hotels

That night, as we were not yet quite ‘passed it’ we decided to eat some local food and drink some beer and party on Circuit Avenue at Seasons. Food was good, beer was good, karaoke……….well, no new Jon Bon Jovi’s were discovered!!! All too soon the night had passed and we retired to late night hotel drinks and bed. We were on the lunchtime ferry to Falmouth so we sunbathed in Ocean Park for a while, then sauntered down to the ferry. Always knew ‘Amity Island’ would be just as good as it looked at the movies!

Unfortunately this year no conferences in America, a potential business trip to India and personally I am off on a driving holiday to take in Holland, Germany, Belgium and France at the end of May, I visit Germany nearly every year by car, no speed limits on the autobahn’s, my Porsche loves it!

In late June we head to southern Spain for some sun and have managed to work in seeing AC/DC in concert in Seville at the start of the holiday. Then in October off to the Canary Islands for some autumn sun, its good, but its not Martha’s Vineyard…

All the best

Peter Lightbown

We hope you enjoyed this personal story about a visit to Martha's Vineyard Island.

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