Martha's Vineyard Home Rentals
Vacation Houses - By Owner and Broker

If you are looking to rent a house on Martha's Vineyard, there are a few things that you probably want to consider. Where is the house located ? Will you have noisy neighbors ? No neighbors ? Will there be entertainment for kids ? Do they allow pets ? Do they have wifi ? Of course, you will also be looking at how many bedrooms and baths there are as well as the price.

The Vineyard has many great rental homes and every renting party is different but here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Location, Location, Location - Martha's Vineyard is much larger than some folks realize. A $800 rental may seem like a great deal...until you understand that it is 25-35 minutes from the main towns. Of course, some folks want to "get away" and prefer to have some space and privacy. You should consider how close you want to be to Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven as well as to a general store or supermarket.

  • Proximity to Others - Do you like to socialize with other folks while on vacation ? Hotels that have pools or eating areas are places to chat with other vacationers...find out where they're from, have your kids play with their kids, etc. Some rental homes are better suited for socializing with neighbors. They are situated in neighborhoods of other rental homes on small lots. Other vacation rentals provide the opposite experience, being situated in areas with acres of empty land between homes and neighbors. Would you like to possibly interact with neighbors, or, like to have space and privacy?

  • Entertainment - What forms of entertainment will be provided with the house ? Widescreen tv's ? dvd players ? wii stations ? mp3 stereo system ? yard games ? board games ? free wifi ? Some homes will come stocked with most of these items. We've even seen homes with ping pong tables and 1980 PacMan machines. However, other rentals are very rustic and simple and may not have any of these items.

  • Are Pets Allowed? - Traveling with Fido ? Make sure the Martha's Vineyard rentals you consider will allow pets and find out if there's an additional cleaning or security fee.

  • Atmosphere/Decor - Many of the Vineyard vacation rentals have island themed decor and feel. This can include nautical mailboxes, doorbells, doormats, wall hangings, table nick-knacks and so on. The overall age of appliances and furniture may also be older and "weathered". There are other rentals that are contemporary and may feature stainless steel appliances, modern tile, fancy kitchens etc. Which style are you looking for ?