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Find the Martha's Vineyard Beach for you. Martha's Vineyard beach The Vineyard has fabulous beaches but some are better for families while others are better for couples or the college crowd.

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Joseph Sylvia State Beach

This is one of the more popular beaches on Martha's Vineyard. It's located conviently between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown and is easily accessed from the road between the two towns. In fact, you can park on the side of the road and step onto the beach. This is very nice if you have kids and alot of gear ! The sand at this beach is a bit more coarse than Wasque Beach and South Beach but there are many small shells and kids will have a blast filling buckets with beach treasures.

This is a long beach, running for hundreds of yards, so it does not often feel cramped or crowded. A big attraction here is the American Legion Memorial Bridge which is a favorite jumping spot. Kids of all ages ( 5 - 75 ) climb over the handrail and leap into the water below...whether you chose to do it yourself or just's a thrill !

South Beach State Park

South Beach is popular with the teenage and college crowd. It's about a 5 minute drive from Edgartown and has free parking. The sand is soft and the beach is large but the shore drops off very quickly here and the swimming can be a bit dangerous because the undertow can be strong and there's not a gentle slope as you enter the water (you'll be up to your chest within a few feet of entering the water). If you have young kids, you need to be very vigilant in watching them near the water here. If you have a 4 x 4, you can explore some of the trails behind the sand dunes and find you own semi-private section of Martha's Vineyard Beach.

Inkwell Beach Oak Bluffs

This beach is one of the closest beaches to the Oak Bluffs Ferry. Wear your suit on the ferry ride to the Vineyard and hop in the surf here which is walking distance from the Oak Bluffs ferry terminal. Although it's conveniently located, it is a smaller beach than others on the island and is a bit more rocky and has less stretches of sand to explore.

Moshup Beach Aquinnah

While many of the other beaches offer free parking, you will pay $15 or more here. This beach is near the base of the famous clay cliffs in Aquinnah (formerly Gay Head) and has spectacular scenery. Note that there is about a 10 minute walk from the parking area to the beach and this beach is about a 45 minute drive from Oak Bluffs.

Wasque Beach - Cape Poge

Wasque Beach is on Chappaquiddick and is only accessible if you take the 5 minute ferry from Edgartown to Chappaquiddick and have a car, moped or bike (it's too far to walk). It's well worth the trip ! This may be one of the most beautiful beaches on Martha's Vineyard. It's very remote compared to other beaches, is part of the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge and is very scenic. It stretches for 7 miles and has fabulous sand and dunes. If you go for more than an hour or so make sure you bring drinks and food. There aren't any businesses nearby, the only one being "The Chappy Store" which is about a 10 minute drive. There is a small parking area and about a 100-200 yard walk to this Martha's Vineyard Beach (You'll walk across the famous, and now rebuilt, Chappaquiddick bridge which Ted Kennedy drove off in 1969).

Menemsha Public Beach

This Martha's Vineyard Beach is about 30-45 mins from Oak Bluffs. It's in the charming village of Menemsha which is a popular spot for watching sunsets. The village is very picturesque and the sunsets are amazing. There are also a few seafood shops with fish straight off the boats. We would absolutley recommend going to Menemsha for the beauty, seafood and sunsets. But there are better Vineyard beaches. The beach here is small and can feel "tighter" than Joseph Sylvia State Beach, South Beach and Wasque Beach. It also has lots of small stones in the water. So, as you try to enter the water, it's uncomfortable.

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