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Videos of the Pros at Murdick's Fudge

making fudgeOur kids love watching the Murdick's Fudge guys making fudge.

On our most recent visit, we met Mike, the general manager, and he let us watch and film videos as the crew made the famous fudge from scratch.

This is truly impressive! The whole process is done in the shop which is kept very warm to help produce the highest quality fudge.

They start by mixing natural ingredients in a large copper bowl, heating it so it boils. Then they pour the heated mixture onto large, marble tables that are about 3-4 inches thick. These tables had been covered by electric blankets to heat them!

Four stainless steel bars act as "guardrails" and keep the hot liquid on the table while the chefs work. They use tools that remind me of putty knives to mix, blend and shape the fudge. These chefs scrape and form the fudge mixture like finish carpenters working on a high-end piece. You can see the attention to detail in the videos below.

We really enjoyed watching the folks at Murdick's Fudge ...Thanks Mike !

Pouring the Hot Fudge Mixture

Adding Nuts to the Fudge Mixture

Mixing the Fudge Mixture

View the videos showing the final steps in this process. We placed them on a separate page to minimize the download time required for this page.

Fudge for Sale

Obviously the folks at Murdick's Fudge know how to make fudge. If you would like to buy some of their fudge for sale but are not visiting Martha's Vineyard, you can order online !

Their fudge, caramel and cheese popcorn and peanut and cashew brittle is all available online and can be shipped.

Order Fudge Online...

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