Making Fudge
Videos of the Pros at Murdick's Fudge (Part 2)

Please note: this page is a continuation of the videos from the main making fudge at Murdick's Fudge page.

On our most recent trip to Martha's Vineyard, we were lucky and were able to watch and video the Murdick's gang make fudge.

Please see the first page of videos to read a bit about the process and to see the videos of the first steps.

These videos show some of the middle and final steps in the fudge making process...Enjoy !

Removing the "Guardrails"

Mixing and Blending

More Blending

More Blending

Working the Mixture Towards the Middle

Precision Folding and Shaping

Great Attention to Detail

Triming and Shaping

Fudge for Sale

Obviously the folks at Murdick's Fudge know how to make fudge. If you would like to buy some of their fudge for sale but are not visiting Martha's Vineyard, you can order online !

Their fudge, caramel and cheese popcorn and peanut and cashew brittle is all available online and can be shipped.

Order Fudge Online...

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