Fun on Martha's Vineyard

My Family and I went to Martha`s Vineyard at the end of the school year this year.The first thing we did was go to our sweet. We stayed at Edgartown commons. There is a huge pool! and then they have a smaller pool for little babies. but the fun`s not done!Across the street is a really cool park! There is a slide, some swings, ropes to hang from and lots more!

Now I`m going to talk about downtown.First of all there is a awesome flying horse Carousel.The person to get the last ring wins! This year I won! When you win you get a free ride! Isn`t that awesome or what! There is also a arcade in the back. There are some pretty cool games! Like air hokey, pin ball, wack a moll and much more! and up the street is Mad Martha`sthey have the BEST ice cream in the world! They have every flavor there was made.