June Wedding Flowers
and Wedding Flowers Arrangements

There are many June wedding flowers to choose from. It's a great time of year when you can decide between light, pastel colored flowers, deeper colors, or classy and traditional white flowers.

Options range from the favorite and always beautiful rose, to less conservative choices such as sunflowers, lily of the valley and iris. Of course, June is also a great time for daisy mums.

Here's a list of flowers you could consider for your June wedding...hopefully there are some that you have not yet considered and that might make your special day a bit more unique !

June wedding flowers

Lily of the Valley Iris
Lily - oriental Snapdragons
Larkspur Queen Anne's Lace
Alstromeria Calla Lily
Daisy MumsGladiola
Carnation Sweetpea

Wedding Flowers Arrangements

If you are planning a Martha's Vineyard wedding, there are many high quality florists on the Vineyard that will assist you in your initial decisions and arrange spectacular flowers for your wedding day.

Here are some quality Martha's Vineyard florists:

Lynda Dandeneau Flowers

Donaroma's Nursery

Flowers in Paradise

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