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Jaws the movie was filmed over 35 years ago on Martha's Vineyard by Steven Spielberg. It is still a huge all-time favorite horror/thriller movie and has a large group of fans. There aren't many other films from the mid 1970's that are still the subject of video games, books, websites, posters and more. And of course, there is the soundtrack...the ultimate scary soundtrack...the Jaws theme song is forever logged in our memory and may be one of the most recognizable movie themes.

In our visits to Martha's Vineyard, we've noticed the island loves reminding folks that Jaws is part of its' culture. Many of the small shops feature Jaws t-shirts, posters, shark replicas and more. A casual walk along the sidewalk in Oak Bluffs or Edgartown is likely to result in a "Jaws sighting"...some sort of Jaws product for sale. This is fun. The movie was and still is a big hit and it's fun to see various items that "keep the movie alive".

jaws movie poster

A popular restaurant, Sharky's Cantina, is decorated with all sorts of fake sharks, shark teeth, and shark fins. The atmosphere is lots of fun and the food is terrific. They have Oak Bluffs and Edgartown locations and are usually pretty busy.

the movie jaws

The Vineyard also hosts a Monster Shark Tournament each year in the end of July. It's held in Oak Bluffs where boats gather and then head out to hunt for the largest shark and bragging rights. The winning boats usually catch sharks in the 500 to 650 pound range !

Although animal rights activists and other groups frequently try to protest over the existence of this event, the Boston Big Game Fishing Club which coordinates it is very open about their concern about maintaining and rebuilding the shark fishery stocks. They work closely with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game and the Massachusetts Environmental Police as well as The U.S. Coast Guard and release approximately 98% of the sharks that are caught.

monster shark tournament

A new book, "Jaws Memories from Martha's Vineyard" was recently written by Matt Taylor and features many unique photos and memories of people intimately involved with the production of the movie. The book foreword is written by Steven Spielberg and also features interesting schematics detailing the sea sled fin contraption used during filming.

Jaws memories from marthas vineyard

Here are some other fun photos we took at various places on Martha's Vineyard...

Jaws marthas vineyard

Jaws the movie

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