Japanese Garden Pictures - Mytoi Gardens
Japanese Zen Gardens

These Japanese garden pictures were taken in the beautiful Mytoi Gardens on Chappaquiddick, a small island just off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.

The Mytoi Gardens feature Japanese maple trees, golden bamboo, Japanese white pine, Japanese cedar, Japanese snowbell, dwarf white pine and other native and imported plantings.

A charming pond, situated at a low spot in the center of the gardens, is the prime focal spot and features an arched, wood bridge.

There are many flowers along the perimeter and you'll also get to see a few large snapping turtles... Unlike the flowers you might have delivered from Avas Flowers or grown in a nursery, these flowers live and thrive in their natural habitat providing added beauty and serenity to the Japanese Garden.

japanese garden pictures

You have to take the "Chappy Ferry" to get onto Chappaquiddick to see Mytoi but it's worth the trip ! These plantings are wonderful and the garden is a very serene break from our "normal pace".

Entrance to this garden is free and you may make a contribution to the trustees of reservations and even volunteer to do some raking or simple landscaping if you wish.

Mytoi is open daily from sunrise to sunset and has porta-potties and parking. Note that the parking is limited but generally there are spaces.

Also note that there are not any food concessions at Mytoi and there is only one general store on Chappaquiddick...so you may want to bring some drinks and snacks.

Japanese Zen Gardens

japanese garden pictures

japanese gardens

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mytoi Japanese gardens

japanese garden pictures

japanese garden picture

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