Ice Cream Flavors - What's Your Favorite Flavor at Ice Cream Stores

ice cream flavors

What are your favorite ice cream flavors ?

I've always loved mint chocolate chip, and it's great if the chips are actual chips...not squares or slices of chocolate.

My kids love coffee and sundaes with 3 or 4 whip cream and hot fudge !

One thing's for sure, there are lots of flavors to explore beyond vanilla and chocolate.

Of course, some folks are happy to search for the best chocolate ice cream and treat variations like variations of wine !

Discover the speculation over who invented ice cream ...

On Martha's Vineyard, there are many

ice cream stores

to sample but the best known is Mad Martha's ice cream.

Mad Martha's has:

  • homemade chocolate ice cream

  • homemade strawberry ice cream

  • homemade vanilla ice cream

  • lotsa dough

  • snickers

  • peppermint stick

  • black rasberry

  • pistachio

  • and many more...

Another terrific ice cream shop is The Ice Cream and Candy Bazaar on the docks in Edgartown. This store is half ice cream and half penny candy.

Your kids will love the "Fun Dip", "Pop Rocks", candy necklaces, and bubble gum and while the ice cream area is smaller than the Mad Martha's shops, it's good stuff.

Of course, another huge favorite with an enormous variety of flavors is Ben and Jerry Ice Cream !

Here are some Fun Facts About Ice Cream !

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