Health Benefits of Yoga
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Health Benefits of Yoga
The health benefits of yoga are numerous and Martha's Vineyard has a thriving yoga community.

There are a variety of classes offered, including Kripalu, Anusara, Vinyasa, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga and Trance Dance.

Many folks come to the Vineyard seeking better health. The island offers fresh air, open spaces, fresh food, an active lifestyle and a less hectic pace.

The numerous yoga teachers and classes are very popular...a list of some of them is provided below.

Medical Benefits of Yoga

Some of the possible reasons one may practice yoga include:
  • reduce stress
  • reduce pain
  • increase energy
  • increase flexibility
  • increase strength
  • improve sleep
  • improve posture
  • improve balance
  • strengthen immune system
  • maintain weight loss
  • ...and much more

Martha's Vineyard Yoga Classes

Here are some of the available yoga classes on Martha's Vineyard:
  • FLY Yoga - Hot Yoga, Prenatal, Baby & Me, kidsFit & kidsYoga, willPower & grace, and BRO-ga, our signature class for men. 774-238-0176

  • Yoga Barn - offers a wide range of teachers and style throughout the week including Kripalu, Anusara, Vinyasa and Trance Dance. 908-310-9133

  • Sacred Circle of Yoga Studio - Yoga, Intuitive Movement, and Breathwork. Classes, private consultations, wellness workshops, and Healing Arts sessions. 508-696-4513

  • Vineyard Complimentary Medicine (VCM) - offers a wide variety of classes and teachers including gentle, moderate and advanced. 508-693-3800

  • Bikram & Hot Yoga - Classic Bikram Yoga in West Tisbury. 508- 696-7755

Bikram Yoga Clothing

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Printable Yoga Exercises

Here are some helpful printable yoga exercises

Explore Martha's Vineyard

The main towns on the Vineyard are:

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Vineyard Haven

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The majority of folks visiting the island for a short trip will stay around these towns.

Other towns on the Vineyard include:


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And of course there's also...


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