The Harborside Inn Edgartown
Martha's Vineyard Resort Lodging
by Kayla Garrity

This summary of The Harborside Inn is written by our daughter and is in her own words.

Our stay at The Harborside Inn was great. The Harborside Inn is located in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard. There is a great view of the water and the boats floating by. To make it even better there is a beautiful pool in the middle of everything.

The second you see the garden surrounding the pool you will love all off the wonderful flowers there is about any kind of flower you can think off, all with bright detailed colors. There is even room for kids to run around and play on the grass in the garden.

There are many rooms to choose from like you can get a room on the ground with chairs in front, a place to eat with a great view. Or you can get a room on the pool side with a balcony to get warmed up in the sun (my favorite) or you can get a room on the street side which depending on where you are sometimes can be noisy but not always, it can also be fun watching all of the people walking around on the street side.

The Harborside Inn is personally my favorite hotel on the Vineyard so far. My favorite thing would probably be the great view of the ocean and beautiful flowers. I would definitely want to go back to The Harborside Inn but that is just my opinion.

Harborside Inn Resort
The Harborside Inn - flowers and gardens

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