Finding Nemo characters
Bruce the shark and coloring pages

The Finding Nemo characters are part of an animated kids movie and you would not find these characters on Martha's may not know that Bruce the shark in Nemo was named after ... the infamous movie star shark...JAWS.

The Jaws movie was filmed at various Vineyard locations in 1975 !

Finding Nemo Characters

finding Nemo characters

Nemo Nemo is a young clownfish. He was born with one fin that is smaller than the other and he struggles with his overprotective father, Marlin. In an attempt to prove to his father that he is capable of doing larger, riskier things, he is captured by divers.

Marlin Marlin is the overprotective father of Nemo. After Nemo is captured early in the movie, Marlin frantically searches to find him and teams up with Dory. Eventually Marlin relaxes his overprotective ways and begins to trust his son.

Dory Dory is a funny fish that Marlin bumps into while searching for Nemo. She suffers from amnesia and she and Marlin have some very funny conversations. She helps Marlin search for Nemo.

Bruce the shark Bruce is a scary looking shark that Marlin and Dory bump into while searching for Nemo. Bruce is part of a self-help group and is pledging to not eat fish. Bruce is named after the mechanical shark Bruce used in the Jaws movie filmed on Martha's Vineyard in 1975.

Crush Crush is a 150 yr old sea turtle. Marlin and Dory bump into him while searching for Nemo. Crush is extremely laid-back and helps teach Marlin to try to go with the flow.

Finding Nemo Coloring Pages

These coloring sheets have all the "stars" from the movie...Nemo, Marlin, Dori, Crush, Squirt and ...BruceHere are some links to free Finding Nemo coloring pages.

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