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Our family stayed at Edgartown Commons and these are our pictures and comments for others that may be looking for lodging in Edgartown.

The "high-level" summary is that we loved this hotel.

It's in a great location, is reasonably priced, has a nice pool and has a playground for kids.

Please scroll down to see our personal photos and more detailed comments about our stay here...

edgartown commons hotel

This is a picture of the main building next to the pool. As you can see, it has 2 levels and nice walkways overlooking the pool.

Edgartown Commons describes itself as having "housekeeping units". They do not do daily cleaning of the bedsheets and do not have phones in the rooms. However, our cell phones worked fine and they have laundry facilities.

edgartown commons

We stayed in a 2-bedroom suite which had separate rooms for each bedroom, a kitchen, a living area, bathroom and a nice, private deck. It was in a building right next to the main building and the pool. It also had a private side yard with a picnic table and bbq grill !

edgartown commons motel

This is the living room area of our suite. It had a nautical decor and there was a selection of board games in the bookcase.

edgartown commons room

This is the kids bedroom. It had a closet, separate beds, nautical decor and windows for ventilation.

edgartown commons

This is the kitchen. It came supplied with plates, glasses, silverware and other useful items. There were plenty of cabinets and a good size fridge.

edgartown commons pool

This is the pool. It's right next to the rooms so it's easy to access. It has plenty of sun chairs and has a smaller kiddie pool right next to the larger pool.

edgartown commons playground

This is the kids playground. It has a slide, climbing rope ladder, swings and a few other small activity items.

As we said above, we loved this hotel. It's very easy to walk to downtown Edgartown from here. You can get to the stores, restaurants, beach, Chappy ferry, and more within a 10 minute walk.

It's also just a short (maybe 5 mins) drive to the Stop & Shop supermarket if you plan to stock up and use the kitchen alot for meals.

The suite was a good fit for us with our kids and we loved the private deck and picnic area.

We did not find the lack of phones in the room or the "reduced" room service to be drawbacks.

The only aspect some folks may dislike is that the rooms (at least the suite we stayed in) were a little bit musty. This is not a brand new hotel in the city and we were ok with that. It has the charming Vineyard architectural style and has real wood buildings with some peeling paint and other characteristics you get with older wood structures.

We would absolutely recommend Edgartown Commons for it's great location, good value, pool and playground.

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