Chappaquiddick Incident
Tragedy on Martha's Vineyard

Chappaquiddick is a small island just barely off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. The chappy ferry transports people, cars and bicycles across the approximate 500 feet from Edgartown.

This is a small ferry boat and it only transports 3 vehicles at a time. Fees are reasonable, $12 for round trip for car and driver and $4 per passenger. If you have rented a moped on the island, it's $8 for round trip for you and the moped. The ferries have cute names of "On Time II" and "On Time III".

Ted Kennedy

While Chappy, as it's known to locals, is a wonder of natural beauty, it is likely most renown for the bizarre and unfortunate Ted Kennedy incident back in 1969.

The Kennedys had been attending the Edgartown Regatta for years and they were known for throwing celebration parties. Unfortunately, following the party in 1969, Senator Kennedy was driving a young lady home when he took a wrong turn and drove the car off the side of a bridge in the Chappaquiddick incident.

Tips for a Visit

TIP: If you take the ferry to Chappy, be aware that there is only one store, the Chappy Store, on the island

The Chappy Store has milk, soda, beer, sandwiches and a few other items but is NOT a complete supermarket.

chappaquiddick store
The "humble" Chappy store - getting some repair work

Chappaquiddick consists primarily of wildlife preserves, beaches and private homes.

Visit for the beauty and not expect tourist shops, fancy restaurants or a selection of activities.

Japanese Garden Pictures, Japanese Zen Gardens - Mytoi Garden

Chappy is also home to a beautiful Japanese garden, named Mytoi. The garden features a meditative pond with arched walkway, Japanese Maple trees,Japanese White Pines, Cedar trees, Golden Bamboo and much are Mytoi Japanese garden pictures

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