Carly Simon Songs
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carly simon

Carly Simon songs have been hits with millions...which is your favorite ?

"You're So Vain" ? "Nobody Does It Better" ? "Haven't Got Time For The Pain" ... "Mockingbird"?

Simon has had a fantastic singer-songwriter career spanning decades. She's also written several children's book.

Her fame rocketed in the 1970's, with the monster hit "You're So Vain". She's had relationships with Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty and Kris Kristofferson and many folks have asked who the song was about...Carly has hinted towards Warren Beatty but has been reluctant to reveal this "secret".

Of course, Carly was also married to James Taylor for 11 years and they have two children.

Simon now lives on Martha's Vineyard and is a co-owner of a boutique store in Vineyard Haven.

We've provided links to downloads of some of her songs as well as Carly Simon lyrics and a Carly Simon biography.

Carly Simon Music and Lyrics

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Carly Simon Biography

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