Camping Packing List
A Camping Checklist for Camping Fun

A camping packing list can help relieve worries when you are preparing for a camping trip with the family. We think a camping checklist can help you focus on the adventure of your planned trip, rather than on fears about what you may have forgotten.

The following lists common items folks may want to bring on a camping trip. Of course, items may vary depending upon if you are camping in a tent, camping in a cabin or camping in a trailer.

Camping Supply List

If you find that this list is helpful, you can print it out and use it as a your checklist

Basic Items
flashlight and batteries
swiss army knife or jackknife
first aid kit
trash bags
duct tape - it really is almost as versatile as the jokes about it
cell phone ? you might not have a signal or want this, but it could be handy in an emergency
Food and Meal Items
granola bars/trail mix bars
fruit (bananas, apples, oranges)
s'mores supplies (marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers)
sanitary wipes

camping utensils

peanut butter
hot dogs, hamburgers

Camping Clothes

good hiking and walking footwear
comfortable activewear
layers of clothing depending upon temperatures
good hiking socks
flip-flops (for showers and bathrooms)
hats (to keep shaded from sun or warm)
Camping Gear
sleeping bags

camping mat

camping air mattress

tent (and supplies...if tenting)

camping coffee pot

camping chair

camping coolers

camping lantern

Camping Toiletries
sanitizing wipes
toothbrush and toothpaste
insect spray
comb or brush
toilet paper
aspirin or painkiller
prescription meds
eye glasses or contact lenses and solutions

Of course this list will not fit everyone's needs. You may want to consider other items such as a camping game or camping showers. EMS and REI offer some of the best camping equipment online.

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