Bridal Bouquet Design - Special Designs for Your Bridal Bouquet

Here are some photos of popular bridal bouquet designs. Styles include the Cascade Bouquet, Hand-tied and Nosegay Bouquets.

There are also some trends in wedding flower design, including the use of diamante pins and diamante beads to add some "bling" to the wedding flowers.

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wedding flower bouquet

Nosegay Bouquets

Nosegay wedding bouquets are generally smaller than other bouquets. Bridesmaids and flower girls usually carry this style of bouquet.
nosegay wedding flower bouquet

Hand-tied Bouquet

Hand-tied wedding bouquets and held together at the stems of the flowers. The tied stems provide a place to hold the bouquet.
wedding flower bouquet

Cascade Bouquet

Cascading wedding bouquets are very elegant. They are larger than other bouquet styles and have a classic flowing tail of flowers.
cascade wedding flowers bouquet

Diamante Pins

Some brides are choosing to add diamante crystal pins to accent and add some "bling" to their flowers. These pins are about 1-2 inches long and can be inserted in the flowers to "create some sparkle and pizazz"

Diamante Beads

Diamante Beads are another trend in wedding flowers. They are used to bring some sparkle to the wedding flowers as well.

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