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boston whaler revenge

The Boston Whaler Revenge is a classic in the line of Boston Whaler boats. Although the last year it was made was in 1990, there are still many out on the water. It's longevity is proof of the durable design and construction.

The Revenge is built on the Outrage hull design. The Outrage was also discontinued but was hugely popular among fishermen because of it's ability to handle rough water.

These boats have earned the reputation of being extremely durable, stable and, in fact, unsinkable.

The company used to run ads showing a man with a chainsaw in one of their Whalers. He had cut the boat into 3 pieces and each piece was still floating, including the piece he was standing in !

Many "Whaler enthusiasts" search for a Revenge of their own, either in good condition, or to restore. Look here if you are on the hunt for Boston Whalers for sale

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Boston Whaler Parts

Many Whaler owners hold onto their boats for life ! So, there is a good market for parts for used Boston Whalers.

Here are some options for finding parts for a Whaler

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