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boston whaler rage

The Boston Whaler Rage is one of the most popular jet boats.

It has the desirable jet boat characteristics...quick to plane, able to operate in shallow water, no propeller concerns...but also maintains the solid, reliability of a true boat hull that, as a Whaler, is unsinkable and stylish.

Many folks credit the Rage with launching a boom in jet boats in the early to mid 1990's. Whaler took the positive aspects of personal watercraft (jet skis, wave runners), which were also booming at the time, and blended them with their popular traditional boat hull.

Boston Whalers are popular on Martha's Vineyard. Whalers are renown for their strength and stability and folks will keep them for 15-25 years or more !

If you have a Whaler Rage and are looking for parts, or are interested in buying a Rage, we hope the links below are helpful.

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