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Martha's Vineyard is a great spot for boating and boaters know Boston Whalers are high quality boats.

boston whaler outrage
A beautiful Whaler tied in Edgartown Harbor

Whalers are so durable and reliable ... many folks hang onto to them for life ! It's fairly common to see Whalers that are 20-25 years old.

The "accessory parts" on these Whalers (lights, hardware, teak pieces, seating etc) will likely wear-out before the hull does.

From a stern light to a bow light, you may be looking for OEM parts for Boston Whalers.

Boston Whaler Boat Parts

The following are good sources for purchasing these parts to keep your Boston Whaler in tip-top shape:

boston whaler outrage
A classic Whaler on a rainy day in Edgartown Harbor

Looking for parts for your "classic" Boston Whaler ? Here is a great resource for information on both "classic" and contemporary Boston Whaler boats

If you are having trouble finding boston whaler boat parts, feel free to Contact Us and we may be able to help dig for those tricky parts.

Boston Whaler History

The 13 foot Boston Whaler was introduced in 1958 and became the most successful recreational boat of all time. Here's the story of the development of the 13 foot Boston Whaler

Information about the Boston Whaler Revenge

Information about the Boston Whaler Dauntless

Information about the Boston Whaler Rage

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