Ben and Jerry Ice Cream
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Ben and Jerry Ice Cream is loved for it's great quality and unique ice cream flavors.

Unfortunately, there's not a Ben and Jerry Scoop Store on Martha's Vineyard. But, you may buy pints at convenience stores and supermarkets. The popular ice cream store on Martha's Vineyard is Mad Martha's

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream The following are the top ten Ben and Jerry flavors:

  1. Cherry Garcia® Ice Cream
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  3. Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ Ice Cream
  4. Chunky Monkey® Ice Cream
  5. Half Baked™ Ice Cream
  6. Phish Food® Ice Cream
  7. New York Super Fudge Chunk® Ice Cream
  8. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch® Ice Cream
  9. Cherry Garcia® Low Fat Frozen Yogurt
  10. Peanut Butter Cup™ Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry met in 7th grade, converted a gas station into their first store and sold stock to Vermonters to pay for their factory.

The company was famous for being earth friendly before the current push for companies to try to be green.

All of the milk and cream for their famous ice cream flavors comes from Vermont family farm cows with no rBGH growth hormones. The ice cream is packed in unbleached paperboard containers to spare the environment from toxic dioxins.

If you tour the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory, you'll see the Flavor Graveyard which has tombstones for flavors that have been "put to rest". Flavors include: Peanut Butter & Jelly (1998-1999), Miz Jelena's Sweet Potato Pie (1992-1993), Bovinity Divinity(1998-2001) and Coffee! Coffee! Buzz Buzz Buzz(1996-1999).

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