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Beadniks store in Vineyard Haven is a fun place for ladies from about 4 years to 90 years old. They have a huge selection of beads in every possible color and you can pick and choose and design your own bracelet or necklace.

The store is located one block up the hill from the main shopping street so it’s easily accessible from the downtown area and the Vineyard Haven Steamship Authority ferry terminal. They also have a few parking spots and you may have better luck parking there compared to the main lot near Stop & Shop.

When you enter the store, you’ll notice about 5-6 large tables full of trays of beads as well as unique ornamental statues and masks from around the world. There’s also a table of small clipboards and necklace design boards. Using these, customers browse around the large tables of beads and start selecting beads and designing a bracelet or necklace. There are at least 5-10 different choices of beads in each possible color…orange, yellow, red, blue, brown, green…as well as varying shades of these colors.

Beadniks Marthas Vineyard
Beadniks - trays of beads

Most of the beads range in price from about ten cents to sixty cents each and the store employees say the average bracelet comes to about $12-$15. This is a great deal for a souvenir on Martha’s Vineyard !

Additionally, there are silver and gold pieces available for creating more elaborate and elegant jewelry for adults. This is a nice mother-daughter activity that can be enjoyable during the process as well as result in usable jewelry to bring back home.

Once you’ve selected all your beads, you head on over to a “construction” area, another table dedicated to building the bracelet or necklace from the beads. Store employees help you size and complete your piece…it takes a steady hand and good eyes. The girls in the store were very helpful with our girls and this activity was the perfect way for us to spend part of a rainy afternoon on the Vineyard.

The price really can’t be beat considering you get an activity that the kids enjoy for at least a half hour to an hour as well as a souvenir that they created.

The folks at Beadniks are business gurus. They’ve created a putting green area next to the store so there’s an activity for the guys, husbands and boyfriends. This creates an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Beadniks is at:

14 Church Street
Vineyard Haven

The business owners travel around the world hunting for unique beads and we're sure you'll be impressed and rewarded if you decide to spend an hour or so during a rainy day or simply as a break from the sun and beach during your Martha's Vineyard vacation.

Beadniks has expanded to include locations in Chicago, Santa Monica and Bloomington, MN at the Mall of America. Franchises are available for folks that may be interested.

Things to do Marthas Vineyard
Huge selection of beads
Beadniks Vineyard Haven
Large variety of beads for young and old
Marthas Vineyard things to do
Putting it all together - building the bead bracelet or necklace

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