Beach Wedding Shoes
Fun, sexy shoes for a wedding on a beach

Beach wedding shoes CAN be stylish and sexy. Of course, they also have to be a bit more practical than shoes you would wear in a church setting.

You're planning a wedding on a beach because you love the water, the outdoors, the scenery. It's very romantic and fun !

But, what do you do about shoes ? ? You obviously cannot wear 5" stilettos !

You need more functional features in shoes for a beach wedding. You'll be walking on uneven terrain, standing in soft sand, and possibly having waves wash over your toes.

beach wedding shoes

You need shoes that can work with these challenging aspects of your beach wedding. And, you want them to still be fun, stylish and sexy...

Here are some great choices...

Bridal Flip flops

Dyeable white satin low heel thong bridal flip flop. Offers stability and style

Bridal Flip flops

This attractive shoe features three fabric criss crossing toe straps with a knot on the top. It has a 3.5 inch heel which is just as high as most high heel wedding shoes

Barefoot Bridal Sandals

You may decide shoes are not practical, but you still want to decorate your feet for your beach wedding. These sexy, stylish bead sandals offer a great alternative
  • genuine Swarovski crystals
  • durable, elastic cords
  • comfortable, tiny beads around your toes

Wedding Thongs

This thong-style sandal is decorated with dazzling rhinestones and features a wedge heel and a slight platform front. The smooth lining provides cushioned comfort for a long day on your feet.
  • Dyeable Satin Upper
  • Rhinestone Accents
  • 2.25" Heel Height

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