Beach Wedding Cakes
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Beach wedding cakes can be fun...they can include seashells, starfish, coral, boats and more.

Of course, you may also choose a more conservative and traditional cake design...but, if you are having a beach wedding, chances are you are looking for a unique and less traditional wedding day.

A beach theme wedding cake can be many shapes. It could be 2 or 3 tiers like other wedding cakes, or, it could be a sculpted cake or a rectangular sheet cake.

While traditional wedding cakes are often white, or a shade of white, you can use fun colors for cakes for beach weddings. Think pastels...blues, greens, yellows...and even pinks, purples and orange shades.

You really have many options when choosing a design for a beach wedding cake. There are so many more options for shapes, colors and decorations.

beach wedding cake

The following companies offer great designs for wedding cakes for beach weddings on Martha's Vineyard:

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