Ankle Tattoo Designs - From Fun to Stylish
Rose Ankle Tattoos - Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

You can find great ankle tattoo designs at Body Art in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard.

This tattoo studio has:

  • heart tattoo designs

  • rose ankle tattoos

  • skull tattoo designs

  • butterfly tattoo design

  • star tattoo design

  • fairy tattoo design

  • celtic tattoo design

  • chinese symbols tattoo

  • dolphin tattoo designs

  • red sox tattoo design

  • and much more...

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

Choose your design and get a temporary airbrush tattoo on your ankle, leg, wrist, back...or wherever !

Ankle Tattoo Designs

This is a great "rainy day" activity on Martha's Vineyard. It's relatively inexpensive...maybe $6-$15 depending on the design you choose, unlike tattoos you might get in NYC or in California...and if you end up having "2nd thoughts" after the ink has already's's a temporary tattoo. There's also no outrageous cleaning services required for calling up your local Janitorial Cleaning Services for a heavy duty chemical...just soap and water will do.

The designs range from harmless themes for kids...stars, dolphins, more sophisticated designs for adults.

Body Art is located within a block of the Oak Bluffs ferry terminal and directly across the street from the famous Flying Horses carousel.

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Here are some photos of happy customers...

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

Ankle Tattoo Designs

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