Alpaca Sweater and
other items at Island Alpaca Company

If you are looking for an alpaca sweater or other alpaca items, you probably know about the benefits of alpaca products.

Alpaca clothing is soft and smooth, often compared to cashmere. It's also strong, has great breathability and is wrinkle resistant.

But, did you know, with all the popular talk about Green Products, alpaca products are earth-friendly !

Here are some reasons:

  • Alpaca fiber is a renewable resource. The animals are sheared for the fiber and the shearing helps their comfort in warmer months

  • Alpacas are in the camel family and consume less water than some other sources of clothing material

  • Alpaca waste is a great compost material and therefore the feed they consume can be partially re-used

So, there it is. Yet another reason to be happy about Alpaca products !

alpaca sweater

The Island Alpaca Company on Martha's Vineyard has premium sweaters at their farm and online here

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