Alpaca Manure (alpaca poop) - Natural Fertilizer
from Alpaca Farming - Martha's Vineyard

alpaca manure

Alpaca manure (alpaca poop) is a good fertilizer. It's lower in organic matter than manure from other farm animals which results in less risk of burning plants.

It also has comparatively high levels of nitrogen and potassium which are major plant nutrients and part of the well-known N-P-K indicator on fertilizer bags.

During one of our visits to the Island Alpaca farm on Martha's Vineyard, I noticed there were small burlap bags on display near the barn entrance.

The bags are labeled "alpaca beans" and are available in various sizes.

This manure is also sometimes called "alpaca gold". The fact that alpaca waste is a great recyclable product is another earth-friendly aspect of alpaca farming.

Here are some other photos from our visit to Martha's Vineyard Island Alpaca...

alpaca pasture
The herd gathered near a feeding area

alpaca farming
The main barn at Island Alpaca

inside the main barn

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baby alpaca
a baby alpaca

alpaca eating
feeding time

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